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Job Description



[No onsite / work in Kobe ] System engineer, programmer (server / application)



・Annual income model 4.5 million ~ 8.5 million yen

・Pay raise (once a year), bonuses (four times a year)

・5 minutes walk from the station

・No relocation principle with movement


Recruit background

"BeatriP", the next generation location information service brand, aims to provide services that can meet the potential needs of users, with the basic concept being "take people out." This time we are seeking members who are responsible for service development using AI and machine learning along with strengthening organizational structure.



Mainly focused on the development of software for automobiles, becoming a member of the BeatriP Company that has cloud technology and mobile application development, while working on cooperate development projects with major automakers. We will be involved in next-generation service development utilizing the big data of huge position information collected and analyzed by developing applications for smartphones and various applications.


The task in charge is largely divided into the following three.

① Server development and management operation

② Embedded software development

③ Development of application for smartphone



■ Temporary staffing · No customer resident presence

We do not dispatch any staff temporarily, we do consistently from within the company from planning to development and release. This is continuing as our policy since its establishment with the aim of properly evaluating engineers, sharing know-how on technology within the company, and accumulating the cultivated technological capabilities within the company.


Mid-career entry No handicap

Most of our employees are mid-career. After joining the company, regardless of age and company history, no handicap by mid-career joining is made because it can be evaluated commensurate with the skill. Moreover, it is possible to increase motivation because of the mechanism that reflects the results of the last three months with a bonus of four times a year.


Business development for new fields such as AI and machine learning

We will utilize AI and machine learning in the future while making full use of the technologies related to in-vehicle software and automotive networks that we have cultivated so far and aim to provide services that focus more on usability. Every employee has a challenge and is able to devote to work while feeling the growth of the company because it is always the company culture to constantly challenge new things looking ahead of the times.


Internal communication is active​

Our company conducts meetings with all employees once every three months. Here we share with you the progress report of the project in the last 3 months, the announcement of the plan for the next term, sometimes the President himself announcing the management policy, the direction of the company as a whole. After the meeting, we always hold a social gathering every time, so communication is active regardless of age or working history. Please be assured that those who joined midway can also get along quickly



Experience of either of the following
① Server development management operation
· Development language Java, Python, PHP
· Server building experience AWS or GCP / network environment

② Embedded software development
· Development language C language, C ++

③ Application development for smartphone
· Development language Java or Swift
· IOS or Android application development experience


Welcome condition

Experience of either of the following
① Server development management operation
· Server development and operation experience
· Server construction Linux etc.

② Embedded software development
· In-vehicle system development experience

③ Application development for smartphone
· Development language Kotlin, Objective C


Selection Schedule

[Screening of documents → first interview → web suitability examination → final interview]


· If you upload your resume / job history from the application button, we will inform you about the selection result in about one week.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, such as whether your career matches recruitment needs.

Apply from here
Working Style
Money Work
Annual Income Models
Age 30; Chief Engineer (Grade 4) 6.5 million yen, 
age 35; Assistant Producer (Grade 5) 8 million yen,
age 40; Producer (Grade 6) 9 million yen
Pay Raise
Once a year (April)
Four times a year (February, May, August, November)
Transportation allowance, Overtime allowance, Position allowance, Pension allowance
Working Hours
9:00 ~ 18:00 ※18:45 ~ 20:45 (2 hours) is deemed overtime work
Time Work
Annual Income Models
Age 25; (Grade 1) 3.5 million yen, 
age 30; Chief Engineer (Grade 4) 4.6 million yen,
age 35; Assistant Producer (Grade 5) 5.4 million yen
Pay Raise
Once a year (April)
Twice a year (February, August)
Transportation allowance, ※Early work allowance, Overtime allowance, Pension allowance
Working Hours
8:30 ~ 17:00 ※8:30 ~ 9:00 early overtime work (optional)
Free Work
Annual Income Models
Minimum 3.6 million yen ~ maximum 11 million yen
​※Based on the degree of difficulty of the work content, decide within the range of the grade, and revise the monthly salary in 3 month increments
Pay Raise
Once a year (April)
Once a year (February)
Transportation allowance, Pension allowance
Working Hours
9:00 ~ 18:00 (predetermined time) 10:00 ~ 14:00 (core time)
Common Section
3 months
Employee trip, in-house gathering, sports club, medical examination, influenza vaccination etc.
Health insurance, employees' pension, unemployment insurance,
full workers' accident insurance coverage
Annual holiday number (120 days), complete five-day workweek system (Saturdays and Sundays), others (GW, summer, year-end and New Year, congratulation and condolence, paid leave etc.)
Kobe office (Headquarters) Kobe Crystal Tower 9F, 20F, 1-1-3, Higashikawasaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, 650-0044, Japan
3 minutes' walk from JR Kobe station south side exit or
4 minutes' walk from subway Kaigan line Harbor land station or
6 minutes' walk from Hankyu, Sanyo, Hanshin Kosoku Kobe station.
Paid Leave
Allot after 3 months from entering the company
Age 60
4.5 ~ 9 million yen (money work)
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Kobe Office
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